This 2 part class, hosted by our sister company, the Launch Studiowill help answer the main questions about content. Like what it is, why we need it and of course, how we go about creating it. There are multiple platforms to engage your audience, however, in this class we will focus on the lord of all social media platforms, INSTAGRAM. 

Instagram has changed a lot, as it should, since it first came out on the scene. Primarily due to the fact that it was bought by Facebook. Now Instagram has become a multidimensional platform. Not only can you socialize on Instagram but you can also buy, sell and market your brand there. It's like eating your cake + having it too, essentially. 

With that said we are here to give you a few tools, tips and some tricks to create content that will keep your audience fully engaged. If you are looking to improve your skills or develop them from scratch, go ahead + sign up!

Each class is 3 hours long. It is hosted on Zoom with no more than 5 people at a time, one on one classes are also available. A grace period of 5-10 mins will be allotted to each person to arrive to the class. If anyone is late, they will not be allowed to enter the class + will need to re-register for another class by emailing All payments for this class are non-refundable and non-transferable. You have 24 hours after payment is made to cancel, however, the cancellation can only result in receiving store credit, not a full refund.

THINGS TO BRING: (1) pen (2) notepad and (3) the device you use to access your Instagram account. Oh and (4) an open mind to create!


Module 1

Introduction to Content Creating

Module 2

Building a Strategy

Module 3 

Exploring All Types of Content



Module 4

Necessary Tools: Part 1 

Module 5

Necessary Tools: Part 2

Module 6 

Optimizing Your Content

Final Project

Show Us What You Got

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