The Fulanis

Adornments by OYATO Series: A collection of gold + hammered brass jewelry pieces handcrafted in West Africa. Here are the Fulani Earrings in three separate sizes, SMALL, MEDIUM + LARGE. It is light weight bronze + gold plated then made into a twisted design hammered in place to adorn your ears.  



SMALL: 1.75” Tall | 1.75” Wide

MEDIUM: 2.25” Tall | 2.5” Wide

LARGE: 2.5” Tall | 3” Wide


0.2 ounces/Earring


PLEASE NOTE: Ships 24-48 after order is placed.  Each set of earrings is made uniquely by hand so no 2 sets of earrings have the exact same dimensions. All sales of this item is final.