This brand is our love letter to Africa. We look to immortalize her art, textiles + culture through vivid designs for women who celebrate their individuality, without apology. OYATO translated in the Yoruba language, means to be different. Our brand embodies that by showcasing womenswear fashion using our bold indigenous fabrics that is 100% produced in different parts of Africa. We then fuse both the traditional and modern worlds that co-exist in Africa today to bring about designs that are both nostalgic and forward thinking. Since 2009, we have made it our mission to carry Africa with us in every design, every textile and every customer who celebrates her individuality, without apology.  
Growing up Nigerian in America gave the head designer, Odunayo Adeoye the know-how on being the odd one out. Early on, she learned that what made her different did not have to be a negative. So, she took her love for art + fashion mixed it in with her West African culture to bring out something positive. 
Further immersing herself into the world of fashion, Odunayo graduated with a degree in Apparel Design then went on to secure an internship with Tracy Reese all while studying for her second degree in International Trade + Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology. With the knowledge acquired from her formal education, the internship and fashion related work experience she started OYATO in 2007. 
We have grown tremendously, from creating bespoke gowns for clients in an attic, to showcasing collections on runways across the US + abroad, to dressing heavy hitters in the entertainment industry. However, opening this online shop for you, the customer, to shop our products that is made with love from Nigeria has been our biggest accomplishment to date. It’s been a true dream come true. 
There is so much more ground to cover + all we ask is that you follow us along the journey!