As designers, our dreams are similar: to have our designs mass produced for more customers to have the opportunity to wear our garment. For years, I searched for manufacturers that were affordable, who did not require high minimum order quantities and could truly comprehend what I wanted to produce. Two years ago, I was fortunate to find a group of talented individuals who helped with producing small batch orders for OYATO and it has been a game changer for us. Earlier, this year my team and I made the decision to give other designers the same chance at making their dream a reality.
As a woman of Nigerian descent, I found it very humbling to experience firsthand the many talents evident in Nigeria. Talents I know for a fact can be found throughout the continent of Africa just waiting to be further tapped into and invested in. With that in mind, I decided to look past China, India and some other countries for manufacturing and to focus on Africa, Nigeria for starters. These past couple of years of testing the manufacturing field in Nigeria has amazed me. Why, you ask? I say this because even though power is a constant issue, infrastructure is still being developed and the government can be questionable, the people of Nigeria still find ways to make the impossible happen regardless of the state of the country.
That is resilience… and in this industry that is needed alongside talent to succeed.
Growing up, I was told if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to get far, go together. Community is something I truly believe in, so I want to open this avenue for fashion designers, enthusiasts, boutiques and/or bloggers looking to manufacture in Nigeria. I know the struggle of finding the right manufacturer, so I am here to lend a helping hand. We have expanded our work force from just have a handful of tailors to pattern makers, technical designers, quality control managers, operations managers and more. We want to bridge that gap from designer to manufacturers to make the experience less stressful.     
So how does all this work? We can behave as If there is one way to go about manufacturing but if we have learned anything is that each designer is different therefore their approach to manufacturing will vary. In this case, we will provide you with a list of services we offer.
Pre-Production Consultation
We will discuss what you want to produce. You can bring us your sketches, materials and/or inspiration for us to see the full scope of your vision. We will give tips and necessary feedback as to what will be functional and what will work in today’s market.
We have been able to connect with wholesalers both in Nigeria and abroad to ensure a solid network of vendors who can provide our clients with the materials necessary to run a successful production whether it be fabric, notions, trimmings and/or labels for your garments.
Sample Making
We will produce a prototype in the sample size of your choice based on the sketch you give us out of muslin. Then we conduct a fitting with a model to see what needs to be adjusted either in person or on video call. This sample can also be sent to you for approval and the notes can be sent back to us. When you approve the prototype, we will move forward with the next step.
Pattern Making
After we have the approved prototype and you have decided to run with the production, we will then have the pattern made in the sample size then graded to the other sizes you wish to produce. These patterns are for you to keep and for potential reproduction.
We will create a timeline for production in which we will give you updates on the progression. The minimum amount time allotted for production is 4 weeks depending on the size of the order. 
Quality Control
Quality goods is something we pride ourselves far beyond quantity. Therefore, we will have quality control managers to ensure that your order us made to your specifications. Inspections will occur twice during production and once more after production is completed.
Shipping your materials to our facility, the production to your door and/or depending on your location we can help with sending your orders directly to your customers.
If you have labels that you would like to place on your garments, we can have them put on the garments before they are shipped to you.
If you are interested having a consultation with us, please indicate by filling out the application here. We look forward to helping your business get to the next level of production.