The Made in Nigeria Project is an initiative founded by The OYATO Studio in an effort to bring manufacturing back to Nigeria and eventually the continent of Africa. Our team of skilled artisans are here to help bring your product to reality through manufacturing. Now, we can behave as If there is one way to go about production but if we have learned anything, it is that each brand is different therefore their approach to it will vary. We have come up with a list of services we offer this way you can see where your needs fall in.


After you've had time to review it, you can also fill out an application here

Pre-Production Consultation

We will discuss what you want to produce. You can bring us your sketches, materials and/or inspiration for us to see the full scope of your vision. We will give tips and necessary feedback as to what will be functional and what will work in today’s market.




We have been able to connect with wholesalers both in Nigeria and abroad to ensure a solid network of vendors who can provide our clients with the materials necessary to run a successful production whether it be fabric, notions, trimmings and/or labels for your garments.

Sample Making

We will produce a prototype in the sample size of your choice based on the sketch you give us out of muslin. Then we conduct a fitting with a model to see what needs to be adjusted either in person or on video call. This sample can also be sent to you for approval and the notes can be sent back to us. When you approve the prototype, we will move forward with the next step.



Pattern Making

After we have the approved prototype and you have decided to run with the production, we will then have the pattern made in the sample size then graded to the other sizes you wish to produce. These patterns are for you to keep and for potential reproduction.


We will create a timeline for production in which we will give you updates on the progression. The minimum amount time allotted for production is 4 weeks depending on the size of the order. 



Quality Control

Quality goods is something we pride ourselves far beyond quantity. Therefore, we will have quality control managers to ensure that your order us made to your specifications. Inspections will occur twice during production and once more after production is completed.


Shipping your materials to our facility, the production to your door and/or depending on your location we can help with sending your orders directly to your customers.




If you have labels that you would like to place on your garments, we can have them put on the garments before they are shipped to you.