I saw a meme the other day that said something like this... 

"A lot people know me but not many people have access to me."

I automatically understood what the person meant. It resonated so much with me + I couldn't help but feel a bit sad about it too. I guess a part of me would love to meet others and get to genuinely know them, help them, surround them with friendship. Then the other part of me is like, "Issa no for me dawg!" Honestly, the way this world is set up... it really sets you up to place boundaries around you, your mind and heart. And can you really blame us can though? 

The answer is a resounding... no.

As dope as social media is, it has left us lacking tremendously in the social skills department and I honestly long for the days when I didn't need a smartphone to communicate. Those days we got creative as to how we would speak with one another. I'm talking folded notes, shared composition book journals, long phone calls interrupted by our parents picking up the other lines, kickbacks/sleepovers at your friend's house (if your parents let you). 

If I've learned anything, is that the past is the past and we will never get it back again. So this is in no way a campaign to go back to yesterday. However I do say this to remind us that we are still capable of communicating and creating genuine friendships, business relationships, sisterhoods or brotherhoods outside the walls of social media + void of selfish motives and intentions. 

I'm an natural introvert. I can chill on my own for hours but towards the end of last year, I made a small effort to be OUTSIDE more. I remember posting a photo on IG showing out and my cousin (P Word) literally commented, "Who are you?" I hollered because she caught on to what was happening. I'm morphing. So this year I will take it a step further and attend events where I can communicate, meet, engage with people outside. It may seem like a small feat but for someone like me it's huge.

So yes a lot of people may know of me but they may have access to me if we meet outside these walls of social media. How about that? If you see me in these streets, say what's up? Let's truly connect.



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