GOAL #1: Keep This Same Energy of Happy

I'm committed to choosing happiness this year. (Not that I never chose it before) The difference this time will be making a better effort to choose it. Everything that comes my way will be met with happiness.Not to say, that I will be some emotionless robot but will everything, tragedy, growth, uncomfortable spaces, breakthroughs, victories... must be met with happiness. 

GOAL #2: Soar High, Stay Grounded

No matter the new levels reached, I must remain ten toes down. My belief is that my destiny depends on it. I never want to be knocked off the path that God's laid out for me because my head got too big or I got ahead of myself. So here's to maturing while have a slice of humble pie every now and again.

GOAL #3: Look Back Only To See How Far You've Come

I have the tendency to underestimate myself + my abilities then I have this terrible habit of believing that I may repeat mistakes of the past. Yup! It's really bad. Anywho, I want to make a new habit of realizing that I AM THAT B!T#H while appreciating how far I've come cause it was not an easy feat. 

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