Year of Return

2019 was a big year for West Africa. The year was symbolic as it commemorated 400 years since the first enslaved Africans arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in the United States. It was then named the Year of Return + launched by Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo alongside Bozoma Saint John and Boris Kodjoe among others the year prior. 
The initiative was intended to encourage the African Diaspora to return to Africa, Ghana. The program proved to be successful as thousands of Africans + African Americans made the trip to Ghana this past December + its neighboring countries like Nigeria. There were plenty of events for people to attend + loads more of activities to do.
One of the main events that took place was AfroChella. A solid African version of the world renowned festival Coachella that is held in the U.S. every April. I think the first one held was last year but I'm not too sure, however, this year was much bigger and better. Anywho, we found out one of NYC's baddest MC's was going to be hosting this year's festivities again + we knew we had to get her decked in OYATO.
Lola popularly know as @mc_lolahstic, hosted AfroChella last year + your girl did so well she was asked to come back! If you know anything about Lola she is a ball of energy, loves to dance and equally loves to dress comfortably. We knew that whatever we made for her would need to accommodate these 3 things about her personality. We opted for a three piece set: Jacket. Bermuda Shorts + Tank Top. She also ordered our Ade Set to boot so she had a change of clothes for the whole day! 


We enjoyed being apart of this massive event + time in history even if it was just a small itty bitty part of the bigger picture. I'm proud and hoping to God ore opportunities like this will come our way.

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